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  POVColor 3.10.7 (main changes for Linux)  
From: Allen
Date: 3 Oct 2008 14:45:01
Message: <web.48e667a4f2e4fb728f162dfb0@news.povray.org>
POVColor 3.10.7 source has been released and is available at

The main changes in this release are for Linux/posix-like systems.  The build
files have been changed to more easily support compiling and installing on

To build, you must use SCons and specify a compiler 'module' to use.  Currently
the build only targets Linux using G++, but I will add MinGW support before
3.10.8.  You can also install directly or to a destination directory to create
a package.  For Debian-like systems there is also support for creating a simple
Debian package that can be used to install and later to uninstall.


mkdir build
scons CONFIG=build/build.py COMPILER=gnu BUILDDIR=build DESTDIR=build/inst

Install (to build/inst in this case):

scons CONFIG=build/build.py install

Create debian-like package scripts:

scons CONFIG=build/build.py debpackage
cd build/inst
dpkg-deb -b . ../povcolor-3.10.7.deb

Note this requires SCons >= 0.99 and wxWidgets >= 2.8.7 and has been tested on
Debian 4.0r4a (with a custom compiled wxWidgets)

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