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  Re: POV-Tree: solution for broken mesh?  
From: fls13
Date: 23 Jun 2008 18:25:00
Message: <web.486022911c4b54c2989e735d0@news.povray.org>
"Thomas de Groot" <t.d### [at] internlDOTnet> wrote:
> My experience with POV-Tree is that often the contacts between branches and
> twigs and between twigs and ramifications are broken. When viewed from a
> distance this is not always a big issue. However, when a tree is near the
> camera, this is far too obvious. I have partly been able to resolve the
> issue by increasing the resolution of the meshes, but this is not always the
> solution, and the file size increases dramatically as a consequence.
> Does anybody know how to avoid such breaks? Have they to do with bend, curve
> and or snag settings?
> Any info will be highly appreciated.
> Thomas
> PS see p.b.i. for an image illustrating the problem. Tree file size: 358 MB,
> with highest mesh resolution.

I personally have not noticed this yet. Just started playing with pov-tree this
weekend. Perhaps you are downsizing the geometry for the branches too much. I
know I take it down considerably, otherwise the mesh is just too rez-heavy.

The problems I've had is that it's cumbersome to apply a proper material to the
foliage, and have not successfully been able to make a tree with the UV mapped

But, really only playing a day with it and with next to no support, I am happy
with the results.

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