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  Re: Do we have a linux-friendly mesh exporter?  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 24 Jan 2020 13:01:25
Message: <5e2b30f5$1@news.povray.org>
Le 22/01/2020 à 21:57, Bald Eagle a écrit :
> I usually use Pose-Ray (of course) for things like this,
> but I was wondering if any of the linux users have any other tools for taking
> obj, stl, or other mesh files and converting that to a file easily used in
> POV-Ray.
> I found this, which seems to have been dropped for the moment...
> https://github.com/monkstone/povmesh
> Just as an interesting aside:
> If anyone understands the file structures well enough, it would be rather
> interesting to do the conversion completely in SDL, especially if the output
> format were mesh2 - since it would provide a framework for showing how to do
> that.  It would sort of be its own tutorial.  :)
I made a custom extension to import & export STL (as well as GTS).
As SDL is only able to handle text (and not binary file), it was not an

Problem with STL: there is 2 opposite specifications for colour, so I
just dropped that part too, only load & save the shape.

OBJ specification is text, but not made only of triangle (you can have 4
points faces).

I also made an extension to be able to read back the data of a mesh, it
could be used to save it as mesh2 (but really, STL is faster if you can
cope with the constraint of being in the positive corner cube)

Whatever, I use *meshlab* to convert between these formats (and perform
also other operations, including preview).

Also, *makehuman* is a nice way to get mesh of human bodies if you
intend to have a set of Greek statues.

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