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  building povmodeler?  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 26 Nov 2019 01:42:37
Message: <5ddcc95d$1@news.povray.org>
For the next scene in my movie, I need to build a bathroom.  I want to 
do this in povmodeler.  The .deb provided doesn't work for me, as I get 
blank windows.  I thought I'd build it and see if I could debug the 
OpenGL failure.  But I'm spending too much time just trying to bootstrap 
a build.

Has anyone built povmodeler?

I am not familiar with cmake and the instructions are lacking (point to 
a dead page).

I loaded CMakeLists.txt in qtcreator.  It compiles for a long time and 
tips over linking, missing all of the qt libraries. (QApplication, 
QEvent, QWidget, QDom, etc)

I don't know how
find_package(Qt5Core REQUIRED)
relates to
target_link_libraries(povmodeler Qt5::Widgets Qt5::Core  ...

and why Qt5::Core and Qt5::Widgets are apparently missing after passing 
the "REQUIRED" test

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