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  Re: Norbert Kern's 'Position-Finder' code-- redux  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 27 Sep 2018 02:43:37
Message: <5bac7c19$1@news.povray.org>
On 27-9-2018 6:09, Kenneth wrote:
> "Kenneth" <kdw### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>>> I have got a test scene where the problem is demonstrated...
>> Yes, I've noticed as well that the found translation doesn't always agree with
>> the 'point-of-interest' that's chosen. I think the problem is based on
>> the given camera angle.... It *may* be because screen
>> size vs. camera angle is not a 'linear' relationship(?)...
> Sorry if that sounded confusing; 'screen size' was the wrong phrase. What I
> meant was, there may be a non-linear relationship between camera angle and the
> resulting view in a render or screen preview-- meaning, as the angle value goes
> higher (more wide-angle), the camera view takes in a larger portion of the
> scene, but the change may not follow a strictly linear relationship to the
> changing angle. (The change in the 'visual' distance between two objects, vs.
> the
> real POV-ray distance there.) I've never tested this; it would be interesting
> to construct a plot of distance values (as seen in the preview render,
> horizontally for example) with the camera angle changing all the way from 1 to
> 90(!)

You have brought a couple of interesting things to my attention. I have 
scratched my head a lot in the past without results, so now I am going 
to test this again: My next week-end seems booked ;-)


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