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From: dick balaska
Date: 17 Jan 2017 04:53:10
Message: <587de986$1@news.povray.org>
Progress on povclipse2 has moved along.
I have basically implemented SDL as one giant 1000 line tokenizing 
function.  I keep looking at how to refactor that, but, it's one 
function that just recursively builds a parsed tree.

The tooltips are cool.  Wolfgang did all the heavy eclipse lifting on 
those, but then only looked at surrounding words in the document for 
triggers.  I can trigger on any word in the project, and show the 
results of any simple math.
You can click on any word and go to it's definition, on any file in the 

It displays errors if you supply the wrong number of parameters to a 
macro, among other errors.

I had to break spec only once...
This is evil, yet legal in SDL:
	#declare a = array[5]

These two are fine...
	#declare a = array[5];
	#declare a = array[5] {blah}

I still have to rebuild the outline view and completion processor.

I wrote this just to better work with the 122 main files of my animation 
(not including the java generated per-frame files).  I've just got 
povclipse2 to the point where I can actually use it for myself.  It is 
cool to be able to ctrl-click through the include tree

TPTB can yell at me for attaching 20KB worth of pics in a non-binaries 
newsgroup.  The rest of you can laugh at my M$Paint worthy cursor pasted 
on the tooltips.


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