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  Re: Looking for a interactive viewer  
From: Stephen
Date: 22 Sep 2016 12:56:56
Message: <57e40d58@news.povray.org>
On 9/22/2016 4:29 PM, LanuHum wrote:
> Excellent export! 4 unnecessary quantities transferred, but the tuple formatted.
> Oh,oh.

Do not blame me. I am only an usurer. [pun]


> We will need the sample files from all types of objects that can be created on
> Bishop export. All modifiers, media{}, photons{}, interior{} and so on.
> We need to learn how to Bishop writes the text: where to put spaces and line
> transfers.
> Thanks!:)

No, thank you for offering to write an importer/converter.

Dr John. See how I slipped that into the small print?


I have written to Maurice offering my assistance. He has my contact 
details. Which he can share.

There are just over 20 objects that B3D (Bishop3D) uses. So that bit 
should be simple.
Materials are a bit more complicated for me as I generally use simple 
ones. But we can work through it.
It also has a couple of plugins. One is based on Giles Tan's make grass. 
The other one is for exporting Pov code but should be easy to find as it 
is delimited like:
//------- Sphere0 Raw Script Begin -------
#include "colors.inc"
//------- Sphere0 Raw Script End ---------

I think we should start an new thread and not hijack this one any more.



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