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  Re: VR Brainstorming  
From: Stephen
Date: 16 Sep 2014 10:55:53
Message: <54184f79$1@news.povray.org>
On 15/09/2014 19:34, clipka wrote:
>> How would that handle parts that are obscured by itself or other objects?
> It would have to trace from different locations.
> Maybe something like, you will initially see only the parts visible from
> the initial camera position, but tracing continues as you move your head
> about, and the missing pieces will be filled in over time, maybe with
> gradually increasing detail.

Real time rendering?
Is that using the feature from Beta 17?

>> A manual metal turning lathe would be over complicated IMO.
>> And where is the fun in pushing a button to get your shape.
>> Have you thought about the Kinect as an i/p device?
> The idea briefly crossed my mind, but not long enough to be examined in
> any noteworthy detail. Might be a way to go - but then I'd need to
> obtain a Kinect as well, and fight my way through its API in addition to
> the Oculus Rift's. So, bottom line: Kinect input will most certainly not
> feature in the initial version. I might re-visit the idea once the
> Oculus Rift part and the game controller input are flying.

Fairy Nuff. :-)



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