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  Re: VR Brainstorming  
From: clipka
Date: 15 Sep 2014 14:35:12
Message: <54173160$1@news.povray.org>
Am 14.09.2014 19:25, schrieb Stephen:
> On 14/09/2014 16:20, clipka wrote:
>> Am 14.09.2014 14:42, schrieb Stephen:
>>>> Whether the conversion process would be render-ish or parse-ish is an
>>>> entirely different question.
>>> I'm out of my depth here.
>> A mesh representation of the scene would probably be easiest to achieve
>> by parsing the scene, then having dedicated code convert each and every
>> object separately into a mesh.
> Not using the tessellation that can be done in SDL, then?

The underlying algorithm may be the same for certain objects (most 
notably isosurfaces), but no - tesselation in SDL is a tad too slow for 
my taste ;-)

Besides, IIRC Jerome has already included some inbuilt tesselation 
features in his fork - still need to steal his code and put it into 

>> A voxel ("volume pixel", i.e. 3D array of boxes) representation of the
>> scene could be generated in a similar way; it could, however, also be
>> generated by having POV-Ray parse the scene, and then use existing code
>> in the render engine to systematically ray-trace it, collecting not only
>> colour information but also the intersection position information.
> How would that handle parts that are obscured by itself or other objects?

It would have to trace from different locations.

Maybe something like, you will initially see only the parts visible from 
the initial camera position, but tracing continues as you move your head 
about, and the missing pieces will be filled in over time, maybe with 
gradually increasing detail.

> A manual metal turning lathe would be over complicated IMO.
> And where is the fun in pushing a button to get your shape.
> Have you thought about the Kinect as an i/p device?

The idea briefly crossed my mind, but not long enough to be examined in 
any noteworthy detail. Might be a way to go - but then I'd need to 
obtain a Kinect as well, and fight my way through its API in addition to 
the Oculus Rift's. So, bottom line: Kinect input will most certainly not 
feature in the initial version. I might re-visit the idea once the 
Oculus Rift part and the game controller input are flying.

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