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  Re: 3D printing  
From: Sabrina Kilian
Date: 17 Mar 2010 11:08:03
Message: <4ba0f053$1@news.povray.org>
Kenneth wrote:
> Chris Cason <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote:
>> An example of somewhere this has been done is the candyfab project:
>>   http://www.candyfab.org/
>> see also 'Slicing STL files in POV-Ray'
>>   http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/slicingstl
> Good to see that they've posted the how-to info re: POV-Ray. (That was missing
> when I looked at the site last year.) From a quick view of those sites, it seems
> that you need to start with an STL file first, then convert it to POV-Ray using
> their 'stl2pov' utility. I.e., apparently you can't start with a POV-Ray scene
> that you've created. Am I wrong about that?
> BTW, their stl2pov utility is pre-compiled as a binary, but only for Windows;
> Mac users need to compile their own.
> Ken

The stl2pov just turns the stl file into an object{}. Read through the
other code on the slicing page, and it describes how to create an
animation that will give you a series of slices.

Just replace the parts stating
object {  m_Rhinoceros_Binary_STL___Jun_15_2005__   rotate 90*x }
with your own object, and you can create what you like.

A word of warning, the items you can create really depends on the
printer you have available. Something like Metatron is easier on a
printer where the printing media helps suspend the object until printing
is finished, like laser fusing or sintering. Machines that build the
object freestanding, material deposition, have difficulty with thin
objects and you sometimes have to add support pieces just to finish

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