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  Re: 3D printing  
From: Sabrina Kilian
Date: 16 Mar 2010 18:02:58
Message: <4ba00012$1@news.povray.org>
gharryh wrote:
> Is it possible to print PovRay in 3D.
> Should i use a special converter?
> Harry H. Arends

Directly, no. A raytracer alone will not let you print something.

What you can do is take the object you want to print, and create a
series of thin orthographic pictures with the camera looking straight on
from a fixed position. To get the slices that (most) 3D printers use,
you would find the intersection between the object you want to print and
a very thin cube perpendicular to the camera. Depending on the 3D
printer, you will probably avoid using any colored textures, and want to
use just a black and white image.

The difficult part is making sure that there is enough solid space
inside the object to support it as it is printed. This depends on the
printer you are using, and the technology it uses.

Now, if you have a 3D printer that understands some 3D file format and
not just a series of images, that's a whole different beast. Some
information about the printer would be useful in helping you with this.

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