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  POV-Tree: solution for broken mesh?  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 23 Jun 2008 08:26:58
Message: <485f9692@news.povray.org>
My experience with POV-Tree is that often the contacts between branches and 
twigs and between twigs and ramifications are broken. When viewed from a 
distance this is not always a big issue. However, when a tree is near the 
camera, this is far too obvious. I have partly been able to resolve the 
issue by increasing the resolution of the meshes, but this is not always the 
solution, and the file size increases dramatically as a consequence.

Does anybody know how to avoid such breaks? Have they to do with bend, curve 
and or snag settings?

Any info will be highly appreciated.


PS see p.b.i. for an image illustrating the problem. Tree file size: 358 MB, 
with highest mesh resolution.

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