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  POV-Ray 3.6 Complete Textures Guide  
From: Pook
Date: 6 Aug 2007 21:35:00
Message: <web.46b7cb0c43a20d46d6f7de180@news.povray.org>
Hi! I used to be very frustrated by making silly mistakes while editing POV
textures which sometimes require very complicated syntax. To make the life
a bit easier I made "POV-Ray 3.6 Textures Complete Guide" which is a kind
of a catalog that lists of all the textures, pigments, materials, finishes,
interiors and radiosity (totally about 500 pages) and provides their code .
It's here:

It is quite handy to have the examples of POV syntax available at any time.
Moreover, you can use the pieces of the code in your scenes without the
necessity to point to the inc files which are located in the POV-Ray for
Windows v3.6, for example, directory. Everything is tested.  Also this
guide gives a nice opportunity to experiment with POV syntax. You can use
textures as templates to create your own or to modify existing ones. You
can subtract peaces of the code from different textures and combine them to
make completely new ones. So it's fun and a broad field for experimenting
and studying POV-Ray. Some tricks about advanced textures are here:


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