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  Re: Newbie to POV  
From: ingo
Date: 14 Mar 2005 14:37:23
Message: <Xns9619D1CA562B3seed7@news.povray.org>
in news:web.423515f1ef257ace4b2ca0be0@news.povray.org Toshiya wrote:

> can someone help me with the basics? I've messed around with 3D
> Studio Max in the past and it looks very different to this


The first of the basics is that there is no modeller, you probably 
noticed. Everything comes from a readable text script. Yet you can use 
all kind of modellers and many output POV-Ray's SDL directly or you can 
use mesh converters on *.obj etc. files. There is no modeller that fully 
supports every aspect of POV-Ray but Moray comes close. So to get 
everything out of it you'll have to learn some scripting, especialy if 
you want to use the more advanced features like radiosity, photons or 

The second basics there is is the manual. Even if you don't intend to 
write scenes by hand, work through the tutorial par of the docs as it 
gives a good idea of how POV-Ray works.

If language is a problem, there is an international news group on this 
server where you can post in your own language. On the web you may find 
some more or less complete translations of the POV-Ray documentation.


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