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  fast/reasonable menger sponge rendering  
From: ehmdjii
Date: 1 Dec 2003 19:30:30
Message: <Xns9445F57D7B5CehmdjiiNOSPAMgmxnet@>
im trying to render a menger sponge with this simple code:

#macro makemenger(d)
 #if (d=0)
  #local i=0;
  union {
  #while (i<20)
   object { makemenger(d-1) translate posi[i]*2 scale 1/3}
   #local i=i+1;

which just places boxes in their position.
i can render a sponge at level 4 quite good, but at level 5 it starts to 
parse, but after 5 minutes the memory is full and i get an E/A error.

probably because its too many boxes.
so are there any tricks to use just one instance of the box in the 

any tips and hints are welcome! ;)


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