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  moray view type  
From: Jeff Kish
Date: 9 Nov 2002 10:45:00
Message: <TizNPWJtFVmMWTwAgJSTJ0Z5MjhT@4ax.com>

I am going through the moray tutorial (is it OK to ask a question of
that here?).

It says this: "Use the mouse or the transformation buttons to set the
spotlights position to {-10,0,10}. Now we'll rotate the spotlight,
which is currently facing straight down, to point at the sphere. To
control the orientation of the spot light visually we'll replace the
SIDE view with the 3D view of the SpotCam.

Right click while in the SIDE view. Select View Type and choose the
item SpotCam001. This view shows the scene as seen from the
spotlight's point of view (or illumination). "

But when I right click on the SIDE view all I get for menu choices
enable snap, zoom to fit, zoom, pan, select, redraw, maximize, lock
grid, disable grid.

Can someone point me to the option or whatever that enables the "view
type" to become enabled so I can turn the SIDE frame into a camera


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