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  Re: Newbie to POV  
From: regdo
Date: 15 Mar 2005 15:56:03
Message: <42374BEA.1040009@wanadoo.fr>
ingo wrote:
> in news:web.423515f1ef257ace4b2ca0be0@news.povray.org Toshiya wrote:
>>can someone help me with the basics? I've messed around with 3D
>>Studio Max in the past and it looks very different to this

> The second basics there is is the manual. Even if you don't intend to 
> write scenes by hand, work through the tutorial par of the docs as it 
> gives a good idea of how POV-Ray works.

> Ingo

Looking at small renders of the sample scenes (there are many provided 
with POV) and wandering into the code to see how everything is placed, 
modified, etc, is of great help, too !
Some of the scene are very easy to understand, even if you only discover 
that language.


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