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From: Felbrigg
Date: 3 Feb 2004 05:42:08
Message: <401f7b00$1@news.povray.org>
Have you peeps gone mad!  The Pov Documentation was about as clear as some
muddy mud on a muddy day. It may have explained to all you boffins but it
sent me crazy!

What the docs need is a simple real-use scene, a step by step guide based on
that scene.  For instance, start with the typical sphere over a a chequered
plane, fill it with flaming media, than add smoke, then put spotlights
behind it into the distance and overlay an atmospheric general media.  Then
add some simple clouds using some of the differn't patterns.  Anyway I think
you see where I'm going.

"Kitsune_e" <kit### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message
> Robert Chaffe wrote:
> >--
> >> how to use media in POV.
> >
> >Meanwhile, perhaps the following might be a good start.
> >
> >This one appears to be written for version 3.1 but might be useful
> >http://www.3dluvr.com/intercepto/pov_tuto.htm
> >
> >--
> >Robert Chaffe
> >http://www.donovansweb.com/~chaffe/
> >
> Yes!  This is a very clear tutorial, introducing both the syntax and
> advanced methods for using media.  This is exactly what I have been
> for and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to understand media!  I
> been struggling to control media for a couple months, but this tutorial
> cleared up all my questions.
> Thanks!

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