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  Re: How to make 3D letters  
From: hughes, b 
Date: 21 Jan 2003 18:09:44
Message: <3e2dd338@news.povray.org>
"D" <dui### [at] hetnetnl> wrote in message
> I have recorded a CD with my (hobby)band and want to design a CD cover.
> My idea is to use 3D letters to write our band name and wrap photographs
> around them.
> Does someone have (or knows a location to find) 3D fonts I can use,
> because I'm quite sure they must already excist (as include files).
> (I'm a new povray user, but can program C/C++)

Well... you can use any acceptable font file for a text object. TTF's for
example. What might prove difficult is placing images onto the letters,
other than simply plunking them on. UV mapping isn't possible for the text
object. Although, maybe using planar, spherical, toroidal and such would be
enough. You can also place the letters in various ways.

If you are wanting to have more control of the shape of the letters
themselves then you'll need to try something else. Have a look at the Links:

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