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  RE: moray view type  
From: Txemi Jendrix
Date: 9 Nov 2002 12:34:30
Message: <3dcd4726@news.povray.org>

> Can someone point me to the option or whatever that enables the "view
> type" to become enabled so I can turn the SIDE frame into a camera
> view?

As Ken said, you should post this in 'moray.win'.
You'll get more and faster answers there (I don't
think there is a lot of "traffic" here).

Anyway, what I think you are trying to do is to
to convert you side view to a camera view directly
(making the location and look at of the side view
the location and look at of the camera).
Well, that's not possible in Moray, since
the Top, Front and Side views are orthographic
views and not related to the position and target
of your camera(s).
In the camera view you have to move your camera
to make the view change too.
You can move your camera as any other object
in the other three views to set its location and
look at. Your camera view chages while you
do that, so it's very easy and intuitive.
(You can also enter the numeric values directly
in the location and look at fields of the camera
Hope this helps.

Txemi Jendrix

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