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  Re: Help on doing a plastic lamp shade  
From: hughes b
Date: 8 Aug 2002 19:18:29
Message: <3d52fc45@news.povray.org>
"Wade" <Zav### [at] aolcom> wrote in message news:3d52d522@news.povray.org...
> I'd like to learn how make a plastic-marblized lamp shade.

Hi there Wade.

Basically you would use a filtered pigment with a color pattern applied. A
not too technical a lampshade  like that is just:

cone {0,1,y,0.5
texture {
 pigment {marble // pattern needed, could be any
  color_map {
    [0/4 color rgbf <0,0,1,1>]
    [1/4 color rgbf <0,0,1,1>] // sharp boundaries...
    [1/4 color rgbf <1,0,1,1>] // ...by duplicating index
    [2/4 color rgbf <1,0,1,1>]
    [2/4 color rgbf <1,0,0,1>]
    [3/4 color rgbf <1,0,0,1>]
    [3/4 color rgbf <1,1,0,1>]
    [4/4 color rgbf <1,1,0,1>]
 turbulence 0.5 // less for straighter lines... more is gnarled
 scale 0.25 // reduce pattern size for this cone
    finish {ambient 0.2 diffuse 0.5
                specular 0.5 roughness 0.05} // typical plastic appearance

Not to get too elaborate or anything. The idea is to filter the light
through colors just like in the real world. If the shade itself isn't
looking lit well enough you can try adding more ambient to the finish to get
it brighter. To get the walls and stuff around the shade to show the colors
better more filter value (4th float in the rgbf vector) could be used but
ambient would need to be lowered then. Opposite if wanted the other way of

There are a number of ways to go about making a lampshade but maybe this is
a start. There are probably several examples already someplace
(www.povray.org search?) but I didn't check for any.


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