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  Re: Use a vector Image  
From: Anoop Kumar
Date: 27 Aug 2001 12:33:20
Message: <3b8a7650@news.povray.org>
Hi Rahul,

Rahul Pilani wrote in message <3b878de2@news.povray.org>...
>I have an image in both vector and raster format.. which i want to use to
>create an object in pov ray of the same shape as the image.. anybody have
>any idea how do i go about it?

I think it would depend on how complicated your image is and whether you
intend to do all your work in Pov-Ray alone or use help of modellers. It
would help if you could post your message to p.b.i
Among other options:
    1. Heightfield, like Ken said.
    2. certain programs can be used for converting some vector formats like
eps or ai to dxf (or you could trace over and recreate - depending on
complexity); then use 3dwin to convert to pov.
    3. Use it as a background image in a program like Rhino, Hamapatch,
Amapi etc.Trace it and create your object by trial & error.(Incidentally on
the Rhino3d site - www.rhino3d.com, I think - there's a tutorial on
modelling a helmet
using this technique. Rhino demo can be used for around 20 uses with full
Like I said, there are a few options depending on what format/ how
complicated the model is. Without seeing the image can't really say how
efective the suggestion would be. Sorry.
Hope this helps.


-_- Anoop

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