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  Problem with Bicubic Patch  
From: Eli Ewok Brody
Date: 5 Jul 2001 09:29:32
Message: <3b446bbc@news.povray.org>
All --
    I'm sure this has been a problem before, perhaps even solved before. At
any rate, I am becoming desperate. sPatch objects (eg. Unions of bicubic
patches) do not support world xyz coords. This turns shading into a
nightmare. I've tried lots of combinations - not making it a union, merging
them, assigning textures individually... nothing works. It's possible to
make a triangle mesh out of it, but I have never been impressed by meshes,
and would rather use slightly more resolution independant objects. (The best
being Our Friend the Primitive.)
    What can I do? Is there some bug in POV-Ray? Is there something simple
I'm overlooking?
    And let me just mention that it is truly a pleasure looking through your
posts on the Images group.
    Thanks for your time.

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