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  Re: Media/Scattering HELP!!!  
From: Bob H 
Date: 8 Jun 2001 16:51:37
Message: <3b213ad9@news.povray.org>
E-mailed you, and for anyone else I'll cite this site once again:


Bob H.

"John Albarelli" <joh### [at] smithandmahoneycom> wrote in message
> Help, someone.  I'm trying to make a scene of the inside of a church.  I
> have light sources on the outside, behind some stained glass windows
> (filter_all set to 1 for windows), and I have a light on the interior,
> for a little more illumination.  The stained glass pattern is showing up
> my floor, just like I expected.  However, when I add media, the place goes
> black, even though the light inside has media_attenuation and
> media_interaction turned off.  Does anyone have a GOOD tutorial on media,
> describing what each variable does, in layman's terms?  thanks.  Oh,
> email any responses, if you can.
> John
> joh### [at] smithandmahoneycom

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