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  Re: what is moray and megapov?  
From: Francois Labreque
Date: 7 Aug 2002 12:06:41
Message: <3D514520.3020608@videotron.ca>
Philip Jensen wrote:
> I've seen both of them mentioned a lot of times here in this group, but what
> is it, and where can I get it?

<short answer>
Moray is a modeller that outputs to POV.  It is available at: 

Megapov is a collection of patches and nifty features built aroung 
POV-Ray 3.1g.  Many of these features have now been included in POV-Ray 
3.5.  It is available at:
</short answer>

> oh yes and is it free?

Yes.  Although you can (and probably should) register Moray to help Lutz 
pay his bills.

/*Francois Labreque*/#local a=x+y;#local b=x+a;#local c=a+b;#macro P(F//
/*    flabreque    */L)polygon{5,F,F+z,L+z,L,F pigment{rgb 9}}#end union
/*        @        */{P(0,a)P(a,b)P(b,c)P(2*a,2*b)P(2*b,b+c)P(b+c,<2,3>)
/*   videotron.ca  */}camera{orthographic location<6,1.25,-6>look_at a }

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