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From: Warp
Date: 31 Aug 2000 22:45:42
Message: <39af1856@news.povray.org>

: does anyone know how to make a sphere glow I cant figure it out at all???

  You should be more specific about this question.

  Do you mean that the sphere should be bright and seen even in the darkness,
as if it was emitting light by itself (like a led or similar)?
  In this case your answer is setting the ambient value of the object
to 1 or higher.

  Do you mean that the object should glow so that a haze or halo of light
should appear faintly around the object?
  If so, then the method of achieving this is not so easy anymore, nor there
is a unique answer to the question.
  The most obvious method is using an emitting media. Mastering media,
however, takes time and it's not one of the most easy-to-use features in
  Sometimes it's just enough to fake a glow with a lens flare effect. You
can use some lens flare include file to achieve this, eg:

):_;i&&_>1;printf("%s",_-70?_&1?"[]":" ":(_=0,"\n")),_/=2);} /*- Warp -*/

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