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  Re: sPatch & HammaPatch  
From: TigerHawk
Date: 18 Jul 2000 12:57:26
Message: <39748BF1.25E9EA55@stic.net>
> oh that!?  that's all you wanted to know!?!?  i guess our answers had
> you pretty stumped for a while then.

Hehaehae, yes a bit :) There are things about sPatch that still do stump be, but
that fact that you can do what I thought you couldn't helps alot :) I suppose it
was more my fault because I really had not messed with it enough, but the
tutorials are rather complex and I really just wanted the basics. Oh well :)

Thanks for the help anyways, hehehe (the model is pretty cool, by the way)

Tim Soderstrom
PsiTron / TigerHawk

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