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  Re: sPatch & HammaPatch  
From: Peter Cracknell
Date: 12 Jul 2000 13:15:39
Message: <396ca7bb@news.povray.org>
OK I am good at making a big ununderstandable waffle, I'll briefly explain.
The original model is of 8 points, consisting of two circles of four points
connected symmetrically by lengths making a cylinder.  The aim is to add 4
more ponits, a new circle in the middle.  One way would be to using the add
tool (shortcut A) a four new nodes along the lengths of the cylinder making
4 nodes with two lengths each side:

|  |  |
|  |  |


|  |  |
* * *
|  |  |

Where the *'s are new nodes.  Simply then just join these nodes up
horizontally (after creating them vertically).  Thats the best I can do to
explain it.

Peter Cracknell


TigerHawk <tig### [at] sticnet> wrote in message
> > There are two ways I have experimented with to achieve this, though
> > obviously not as fast or easy as they could be.  THe first is simply to
> > one of the points towards the middle and extrude downwards - this does
> > work if you already have a large cylinder though.  The second you many
> > be aware of is creating another circle, placing it in the middle and
> > attaching all the nodes the joining lines.  It does mean you have to
> > manually re create the piece in the centre and right click all the nodes
> > but it does work.  Maybe a good suggestion would be a function whereby
> > number of extrusions can be multiplied by a factor, to complicate/more
> > populate the mesh without manually doing it.  Well I hope thats not too
> > of a mess.
> Hmm...what I don't understand is how one can add the circle to the others?
> you have 2 circles joined together:
> ------      <-circle
> |      |       <-joining points
> |      |
> ------      <- circle
> How can you fuse the third on?  Because there is already a nicely created
> of patches. That's what I am having trouble with, adding things like that
to go
> from simplistic to complex. I'm 'kinda' following both of you, but not
really :)
> (ryan: I wouldn't mind seeing your spatch portion of your model if that
> Anyways, I hope HamaPatch solves some of these problems (though right now,
> no offense to the author, I prefer sPatch because it doesn't crash and I
> change the grid colors :)
> Happy tracing,
> Tim Soderstrom
> TigerHawk

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