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  Re: Tornado help  
From: Bob Hughes
Date: 12 Jul 2000 00:48:35
Message: <396bf8a3@news.povray.org>
"Ken" <tyl### [at] pacbellnet> wrote in message
| I cheated by using a bozo pattern with phase applied and kept the
| distance to the camera far enough away that you couldn't see any
| details.

Well, oddly enough, the media I tried to do it with kept looking like it was
fitted to a surface instead of being filled into the 3D shape.
I just happened to think, I used 'sphere_sweep' in MegaPov after that other
pov script I made, it does a good elephants trunk kind of funnel.  Not sure if
I also posted that there or not.  If you need to ask anything more just speak
up Greg.


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