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  Re: sPatch & HammaPatch  
From: TigerHawk
Date: 12 Jul 2000 18:21:46
Message: <396CEEF3.57048D7C@stic.net>
Oh, you mean add it on to the END of the cylinder? Not the middle? Yeah, that
makes sense. But what about for more complex objects like heads?


Tim Soderstrom

Peter Cracknell wrote:

> OK I am good at making a big ununderstandable waffle, I'll briefly explain.
> The original model is of 8 points, consisting of two circles of four points
> connected symmetrically by lengths making a cylinder.  The aim is to add 4
> more ponits, a new circle in the middle.  One way would be to using the add
> tool (shortcut A) a four new nodes along the lengths of the cylinder making
> 4 nodes with two lengths each side:

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