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  Re: Tornado help  
From: Ken
Date: 12 Jul 2000 00:36:07
Message: <396BF489.A56D0F81@pacbell.net>
ryan constantine wrote:
> i think bob hughes was working on one a while ago.  he was only lukewarm
> about his results and i think he may have been the only person to ever
> try.  check his pics and animations in the appropriate ng's and his web
> site.

When I was a releatively new user to the program I tried to make an
animated tornado but my results were less than spetacular. I did
manage to get it to suck up a row of trees and tear down a wire
fence line as it passed by :)
 I may revisit this idea some day but I really have nothing to offer
someone else starting out that would prove useful.

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