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  sPatch & HammaPatch  
From: TigerHawk
Date: 11 Jul 2000 21:30:30
Message: <396BC9AC.413CF118@stic.net>
I am haivng trouble trying to figure things out with these type of
modelers. Here is the problem I am having (or rather what I would like
to see happen):

The thing the discouraged me from sPatch was that you couldn't fuse
points onto an already created circle. Since loops are supposed to be of
3 OR 4 points, if you had a 3 point loop, adding another point seems
fine, but it doesn't appear to be possible. The reaosn I need this is
because I like to start simply and work up to complexity. For example,
if I were to create say a face, or rather a head, I would start with
what an artist (well an artist using paper :) would probably do - that
is make the outline of the head (verticle and horizontal loops). The
problem is that I can't seem to add lines and loops to those loops. I
thought HammaPatch might help, but, unforatunately, it seems to be
pretty much beta right now (it runs SSSLLLOOOWW on my machine :( and is

Any help would be very apreciative. I was hoping to find a program that
could do organic surfaces not only for Pov-Ray but for other exports as
well (for use in say a Scene Demo for objects).

Happy Tracing,

Tim Soderstrom

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