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From: MichaelJF
Subject: Painting a Blob
Date: 2 Dec 2018 13:28:23
Message: <5c042447@news.povray.org>
Hi to the crowd,

here is an idea and the corresponding code, how one can convert an image 
to a blob. I needed the Eye of Horus for an old idea I reinvestigate 
now. I have forgotten that I solved this image to blob riddle two years 
ago. But may be the one or other here is still interessted in this issue.

I used the image one can find at the English Wikipedia under the topic 
"Eye of Horus", loaded it in the GIMP and painted a little bit at an 
additional layer to mark the different materials. White for the 
background, red for the reddish material and so on. I saved the result 
in the image "gold.jpg" (see attached archive). Then I did the same to 
have some elevations in the resulting blob ("Erhoehungen.png"). Finally 
I scanned both images within POV using the eval_pigment function to 
construct the blob. This took a (little) while, so I saved the resulting 
blob in an include-file (not included in the archive, you have to run 
the POV-file to create it).

Best regards

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