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  Re: GTS samples as mesh2  
From: jr
Date: 1 Mar 2020 14:15:01
Message: <web.5e5c08ca2af4d0a4451952ca0@news.povray.org>
"jr" <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> the attached archive contains the tidied-up source of the 'gts2pov' utility used
> to create the meshes in the zip.  version 0.2.0, GPL v3+.

now version 0.3.0, but completely re-written[*] to optionally calculate vertex
normals.  I've posted two images in p.b.images, both showing meshes with and
without smoothing (cones.png, seashells.png).

since I have not really played with, nor calculated, normals before, I cannot
tell whether the outline above the right side cone is due to some bug in my code
(likely :-)), or the optical "make believe" breaking down.

enjoy, jr.

[*] to use the GTS library.  <http://gts.sourceforge.net/index.html>

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