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From: Melody
Date: 18 Jan 2020 18:05:01
Message: <web.5e238c923fc0f9be9da690110@news.povray.org>
jr wanted on screen text. object label is a bit different. this is on screen
info. one needs both, someday.

InfoDisplay2(concat("Frame: ",str(frame,0,0)),18.8)
InfoDisplay2(concat("Az ",str(360 - _rascension(),0,2)),16.6)
InfoDisplay2(concat("Dec ",str(declination(campos - lastpos),0,2)),14.4)
InfoDisplay2(concat("Roll ",str(roll,0,2)),12.2)
InfoDisplay2(concat("Alt ",str(campos.y,0,2)),10)
InfoDisplay2(concat("Cam ",str(Camera,0,0)),7.8)

this cant be done ... unless u grok 3D

#declare asa_sin = function(a,s,b) {
   sin(b) * (s / sin(pi-(a+b)))
} // ASA solve opposing side of angle2 (b)

know your trig laws.
cant run this. well maybe if you tied all loose ends,
this is just example.

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