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  Re: Help with converting electron scattering CASINO to povray  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 1 May 2019 17:45:00
Message: <web.5cca1345fe5830474eec112d0@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:

> Seems to me you can write a macro to parse your text file.

And of course, since POV-Ray can't determine the cast/type of the variable, you
can't parse data that you don't know exactly what format the variables are - and
so you need to know how many records to read.....
So ignore that.

> (Can you change it a CSV format?  Maybe with Excel / LibreOffice, etc.?)

I think I might have a way to process the data in LibreOffice/OpenOffice to
generate an include file with the formatted arrays.

But that might take a while since it's been months since I've looked at my
ridiculously complicated spreadsheet from my last job....

So the new plan is to use a 3rd party tool (commercial, or hand-written
C++/C#/whatever) to just strip out anything but the numeric data lines, and make
arrays of all the data sets.

I see what I can do, unless you beat me to it  ;)

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