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  Re: [WIP] SDL gone haywire  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 26 Sep 2017 19:00:01
Message: <web.59cadbc43e5f4bde5cafe28e0@news.povray.org>
"omniverse" <omn### [at] charternet> wrote:

> Sorry that I can't check into this anymore right now but I did find that same
> thing about the sor object getting an error on the Newspline, (comma, no ending
> }).
> Which is you probably know got a change for the latest versions to allow that.

Right, I figured it must have been a fix that got added post 3.7-official.

> After removing that comma the memory usage goes "haywire" too, making for a
> difficult time forcing a close of POV-Ray 3.7.0. Have not tried 3.8 alpha.

That could be a result of the undulating spheres I use for the clapper rope.
Ridiculous, but it was a quick cut & paste solution.
I'm running on 16 gig, but before I trimmed it down far enough I crashed it a
few times too.

> Did see that version message anyhow. Parser sure doesn't like something there!

Well, I wish I could have looked it over during the day, but the workbench with
the laptop is buried under piles of - you name it.

Got back home, did a full file search for "#declare" and found 2 lines without
semicolons (419 & 420).  Not sure why that would trigger an error higher up in
the file, but yes, something weird was going on.
Anyway, I'm back on track trying to hammer out something suitable.

Thanks for taking that quick look  :)

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