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  Re: Tabulated() macro, making tables easy  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 16 Sep 2021 10:22:55
Message: <6143533f@news.povray.org>
On 8/15/21 5:53 PM, jr wrote:
> "jr" <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> please find attached the new 'Tabulated()' macro, designed to add tables to
>> scene files, displaying related information.
> the second release/version of 'Tabulated()' adds an option for highlighting a
> cell, or a range of.  (fingers crossed) the code now has fewer bugs, and the
> introductory comments have been completed.  as always, comments, tips, and
> critique welcome.

A few minor comments after my first use - version 202106.2.

You can get rid of the high ambient warning by changing:

#declare tabu__data_finishes_ = array [2] {
   finish {ambient .1 diffuse .8 specular .1},
   finish {ambient 0 emission .85}


#declare tabu__data_finishes_ = array [2] {
   finish {ambient .1 emission 0 diffuse .8 specular .1},
   finish {ambient 0 emission .85}

Documentation. (Great by the way)

Where you have references to your google drive for your Foreach() and 
Ruled() variation at the bottom of the documentation, it would be handy 
to have a reference/link to the most current Tabulated() too.

A nit, but, indicating the Tabulated() version to which the 
documentation pertains in the html would be helpful.


Not unexpectedly ;-) ..., the macro uses all lower case identifiers, but 
well prefixed ones. For the povr branch, this does force a configuration 
and compile without the identifier case checking to make use of it.

Great work jr & Tabulated() development helpers!

Bill P.

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