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  Re: Machine screw isosurface functions  
From: kurtz le pirate
Date: 21 Jun 2020 05:24:57
Message: <5eef2769$1@news.povray.org>
On 19/06/2020 04:39, Cousin Ricky wrote:
> This function will create standard machine screw right-handed threading. 
>   It accepts major diameter and thread count as arguments, and it should 
> work for both USA and metric sizes.  (The geometry has been standardized 
> internationally.)  The shaft is oriented vertically.  In order to 
> minimize square root calculations within the runtime loop, a constant is 
> declared outside the function.
> ...
  I made a simple scene to compare the first two functions.
Image contains 100 screws :

             without aa   with aa
Function 1    12.133"    38.230"
Function 2    11.752"    34.931
               -3.1%       -8.6%

The second function is definitely the best.
Better and faster rendering.

Very good job Cousin Ricky !

Kurtz le pirate
Compagnie de la Banquise

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