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  Re: CIELUV  
From: clipka
Date: 6 Dec 2016 23:55:18
Message: <58479636@news.povray.org>
Am 06.12.2016 um 08:05 schrieb Mike Horvath:
> I am having trouble rendering the attached scene without artifacts and
> gaps in the isosurface. I already increased the scale of the scene by
> 200 and the max_gradient of the isosurface to 100. Anyone have any tips?

You seem to be running into /some/ kind of problem when the RGB values
get excessively low.

Clipping the C parameter of the fD function to some near-zero negative
value seems to do the trick:

    #declare fClip = function(X,A) {select(X-A,A,X)}
    #declare fD = function(C) {abs(fClip(C,-0.1)-0.5)-0.5}

This lets you get away with a max_gradient of 20.

(You still have a coincident surfaces problem between the isosurface and
the box, but I guess you can figure that one out yourself.)

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