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23 Mar 2023 22:34:58 EDT (-0400)
  Re: beetle2_plants.zip  
From: yesbird
Date: 15 Mar 2023 04:24:21
Message: <462d4dba-2871-498a-4372-56d30438f7bc@gmail.com>
On 15/03/2023 06:41, Mike Miller wrote:
> Scene file for beetle 2 environment. Texture mapping could be better.
> Playing with converting Blender types to POV. ...probably re-inventing the
> wheel. :)

I've rendered it - looks very impressive, this lights on the blobs and
plants ... Also idea is cool - underground life of beetles.

Now I want to explore the 'lamps' structure - I did some experiments in
the past with transparent glass spheres (attached), but your
implementation is much better.

About the wheel, as I mentioned in other thread, did you see this
Blender's plugin ?:

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