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From: H  Karsten
Subject: Compiling MegaPov 0.6 for Windows - question
Date: 16 Dec 2009 02:45:00
Message: <web.4b288f8db96af4bfda6353d60@news.povray.org>
Hi people

I have the problem to animate a robot, that is >unfolding<, at the beginning of
the sequence. I animate with 3DS-MAX, and the rendering is made with MegaPov 0.6


Within the unfolding phase, I have to scale objects to zero to disappear them.
Actually I could scale the object to 0.0000000000000001 or whatever, but right
clicking on the values in MAX change them to zero, and I like to use it. Typing
in some values is no fun.

I've already found the peace of code in the "parsing" section of MegaPov.

The problem: I've never have written a program in an OOP - language. Actually, I
could compile PovRay in Linux, but not in Windows.

What to care about, how to compile MagePov 0.6 under Windows 32. What compiler
do I need.

Thanx for helping a bloody OOP beginner :)


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