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From: [GDS|Entropy]
Subject: How to Render to PictureBox?
Date: 1 Jan 2011 22:07:58
Message: <op.vonuzese0819q0@gdsentropy.nc.rr.com>

Sorry...wrong group on the other post..

How do you call povray to render in a PictureBox from c# in the way that  
Moray does?

Is this a matter of something like this (Then loading the output image  
into the PictureBox):
Process myProc = new Process();
myProc.StartInfo.Filename = "dir\abc.exe";
myProc.StartInfo.Arguments = "file1, file2, file3";

Or is there any api documentation (or code sample in any language) someone  
can point me to?


Ian McDonald
Lean Agile .NET 4.0/MVC
Senior Application Architect,
Developer and Security Analyst

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