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28 Nov 2023 04:15:30 EST (-0500)
  Re: Primitive BOX, how to wrap a texture?  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 12 Nov 2023 11:30:00
Message: <web.6550fcf479784ca81f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"GioSeregni" <gms### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:

> Thanks!
> in fact I tried but I didn't understand how to implement UV mapping.

No problem.  I've been at this for 10 years, and just recently got pretty
confused about the specifics.

We would
> need at least one example on a cube, on which the texture is wrapped uniformly.

Right.  So if you look at the diagram on the wiki, it will show you what needs
to be where, and the exact coordinates for all of the faces.  So you could
image-map some squares and render that with an orthographic camera to give you
an image-map suitable for further uv-mapping,


you could write some more complex code to just grab the filenames and make the
uv-mapping texture in memory and do everything in a 1-step render.  And I'd
really need to go look up and study the exact details of doing it that way.

> Then everything else, scaling, translating, rotating, re-proportioning on the
> axes, is simple.


- BW

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