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  Re: bad display of utf8 code u00ed letter i-accute in times new roman  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 1 Jan 2023 16:00:00
Message: <web.63b1f3dd7ea93d731f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"tx2378" <tx2### [at] naranjaplatanocom> wrote:

> reason, work with Times New Roman. Anyway issue is on POV Ray treatment of some
> font families.
> Try this on HTML:
> <style>
> @font-face {font-family:pot; src: url('file:///c:/windows/fonts/times.TTF')}
> div {font-family:pot;font-size:300px}
> </style>
> <div>
> And Then this, on POV Ray:
> global_settings{charset utf8}
> camera{location -1000*z look_at 0}
> background{color rgb 1}
> text{ttf "C:\windows\fonts\times.ttf" "Ah\u00ed" 0 0
>      scale 700
>      translate<-580,-200>}
> On both I'm using times new roman from Windows 10. HTML works properly but on
> POV Ray you'll see that diacritic is ahead from "i".
> So I think issue is on POV Ray. I'm using (it's anoying work) a combination of
> "i" without dot and a separate diacritic: \u0131 and \u02ca.

I mean, I'm certainly not saying you're wrong - but I would guess that with
POV-Ray's simplistic handling of all font-related stuff, it's probably going to
be the most true-to-file interpretation.

I seem to recall some issue with Windows falling back onto backup fonts for
missing glyphs in certain character sets.

Try taking a look at the font in the Windows Character Map, or better - a 3rd
party font file viewer like FontForge.  Also maybe WordPad or Notepad.


clipka had mentioned being able to copy-paste a unicode character into the
POV-Ray text editor, and the parser would correctly identify and interpret that
without any other special treatment.

Cousin Ricky and I have manually converted the character definitions into Bezier
spline objects.

You could dissect the body of the i and the diacritical using masks / CSG and
define a custom made character as an object {}

Use just that character from another font that sufficiently resembles Times.

Use a browser or word processor and screenshot the correctly displayed text and
use that as an image_map billboard with a transparent background.

POV-Ray was really designed as a graphical raytracer, not as something that
handles a lot of text like a word processor.

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