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  paper written by Nathan Kopp about photon mapping  
From: elma96
Date: 7 Apr 2021 16:25:00
Message: <web.606e1500a8e7619e3cb3bd141b1731@news.povray.org>

on this webseite:
is mentioned that Nathan Kopp wrote a paper about photon maps.

"The paper is called Simulating Reflective and Refractive Caustics in POV-Ray
Using a Photon Map, and you can download it in zipped postscript format at
http://nathan.kopp.com/nk_photons.zip (size: about 800 KB)."

Unfortunately this website is no longer available and I can't find this

Does anyone here maybe still have a copy of it or knows  how to acquire it?
I would aprreciate  it.


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