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  Re: povmodeler  
From: jr
Date: 22 Dec 2019 10:10:00
Message: <web.5dff86e5f7e9e6528c662f470@news.povray.org>

"simbad" <Han### [at] gmxde> wrote:
> Hi ho,
> there are two packages available.
>  * https://www.simulated-universe.de/povmodeler-1.1.4-x86_64-1hjl.tgz
>  * https://www.simulated-universe.de/povmodeler-1.1.4-x86_64-2hjl.tgz
> for slackware-14.1 and slackware-14.2
> I experienced segfaults on first start. I could not find the cause for now.
> While it has vanished with the next start it has been hard to identify.
> While checking a coredump I found an iterator through the action list failed.
> But the debugging on slackware is hard, as the X11 in a vm runs without any
> accelleration support. Everything is very slow.
> So look out for those crashes. Maybe I got some more ideas about the situation
> that will cause this.
> I did not created any slackbuild-script but added the slack-desc file to the
> repo. As it should be easy to be build on a slackware distro now I think I will
> not deliver the slack-build script.

ah, thanks.  no idea whether it will be "easy to build" since all you provide is
a binary (system) install.  (I was minded to try the software, but would want to
build and install it to "fit in")  cheers, anyway.

regards, jr.

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