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  Re: qtpov  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 25 Oct 2017 11:50:01
Message: <web.59f0b19b604192e53e6c55b0@news.povray.org>
dick balaska <dic### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote:
> I started on qtpov.
> http://www.buckosoft.com/qtpov/g/qtpov.png
> I wanted to be further along before saying anything, but...
> I thought I remembered that povray used a message bus system, and I was
> going to hook up a websocket server to that.
> http://www.buckosoft.com/qtpov/g/qtpovPrefs.png
> :)
> Then, I can emit websocket messages for parse errors, % completion, and
> graphics data, etc.  I'm still trying to grok the povray message system,
> but it looks to be more point-to-point.
> qtpov (the editor) will launch povray and connect to it.  This is
> reversed from the Windows paradigm of pvengine calling the editor in a DLL.

I just sent you an email with a link to a full repository with a QT frontend
that I just never finished. It shows you how to do all the stuff needed with
regard to networking and does work.

The main catch is that it is based on a way different source tree than the (now)
mainline 3.7, hence some backporting will be required. But given I designed and
wrote POVMS, a diff with the approprite source tree version (a late 3.7 beta)
will give you all the clues you need, I suppose. And you can just email me if
you have questions about the source, too.

The code is all AGPL of course, I just don't want to support it officially, and
I really don't want to put a 133 MB source archive link here either.


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