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  Re: Compiling Povray  
From: Ken Shumway
Date: 17 Jun 2016 17:50:00
Message: <web.57646fea82342ad63179dcc70@news.povray.org>
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Am 16.06.2016 um 01:06 schrieb Ken Shumway:
> > I'm trying for the first time to compile Povray 3.7. I have the package that is
> > available at github. I've figured how to modify configure.ac to reflect where
> > I've stored the paths to various files requires but now get these error messages
> > from autoconf.
> >
> > error: possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
> > error: possibley undefined macro: AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
> >
> > I have no idea how to start to fix this. Any suggestions?
> The configure.ac is _not_ intended to be modified directly.
> If you pull the newest master branch, and look at the install
> instructions in the Unix folder, you should find a note instructing you
> to run
>     cd unix
>     ./prebuild.sh
>     cd ..
> before anything else. From there on, installation should be more or less
> as you expect, i.e. the next steps should be to execute the
> `./configure` script and then run `make`. (Note though that POV-Ray's
> `./configure` needs a mandatory parameter, something like BUILT_BY or
> COMPILED_BY, I keep forgetting its name; but `./configure` will tell you
> if you invoke it without.)
> The reason behind the `prebuild.sh` script is that POV-Ray is maintained
> on GitHub as a platform-neutral project. Among other things this means
> that we don't tolerate any platform-specific stuff whatsoever outside of
> dedicated subdirectories (such as the `unix` and `vfe/unix`
> directories). For platforms where this essentially breaks the build
> process (as is the case on Unix), we provide a special script (namely
> the `prebuild.sh` script in case of the Unix platform) that converts the
> platform-neutral source package (where the platform-specific stuff is
> safely tucked away) into a platform-specific one (where the
> platform-specicif stuff may be all over the place, as required to build).

Thank you for your time.  I'll try to do this as you suggested and ask more
questions if it doesn't work.

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