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  Re: using console version in windows  
From: whenuwishupon
Date: 6 Apr 2016 09:00:00
Message: <web.5705041e6c6dc8fb211a8b80@news.povray.org>
Hey, thank you for your answers.

> >>>> You surely mean Visual Studio, right?

Yes I meant Visual Studio. Not Visual Basic. Sry

> >>> I think he just wants to create a program that writes pov files
> >>> based on parameters and then renders via command line. No need to
> >>> build own version of pov or use c++ for that.

No. I want a standalone console build without GUI, if possible.

> I suppose, yes.  It still opens the povwin window though, which is
> annoying if you want to do background renders. (focus stealing monster)

That's what I want to avoid. The extern program would have to open the hole GUI
for every frame. Just like you said. My wish is to have background rendering.

Now I have Visual Studio 2015 Community. I downloaded the MASTER open source 3.7
and followed the instruction. I activated _CONSOLE in
\povray-master\povray-master\windows\povconfig\syspovconfig.h(it's in
\povray-3.7-stable\povray-3.7-stable\vfe\win in the stable version)

I also activated "console" and deactivated "GUI" in the build-configuration of
Visual Studio. I built x64 release with local debugger. No Errors, few warnings.
But Visual Studio couldn't start and find povengine.exe.

So I did the same process with "GUI" activated. I received 1 error "#error:  You
are building the GUI platform with _CONSOLE defined (check
vfe\win\syspovconfig.h)." and Visual Studio also couldn't start and find
povengine.exe .

What did I do wrong?

The stable Version works very badly for me. Same result. But with 140 errors.

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